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Title: As Long as We Breathe - Stop the Deadly Birdcage!
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Episode Summary from one piece wikia : The citizens of Dressrosa are bewildered when their injuries are healed, however only care about getting far from the shrinking Birdcage. Immediately, Hack and Usopp appear above them on a bit of rubble, and the residents are stunned to look Usopp, questioning what he did to acquire his five-famous person bounty. Usopp says that his neighbors are pushing the Birdcage and tells any capable-bodied citizen to go help them. The stunned residents say that this kind of feat is impossible, but Usopp will get irritated and tells them to move, and the residents come to be afraid of his perceived energy and obey his orders. Usopp wonders if they're fairly pushing the Birdcage and asks Viola to verify it, however realizes that she is instantly not with them anymore. He then decides to head meet with the relaxation of the citizens. As Luffy continues convalescing with law guarding him, Doflamingo slashes Spartan within the chest. With all of the gladiators defeated, Doflamingo shouts for Luffy to show himself. However, Spartan grabs Doflamingo's leg, pronouncing that he was still alive, however Doflamingo shoots him and steps on his head. Any other gladiators get back up with the intention to distract Doflamingo as long as possible, with considered one of them grabbing the Shichibukai from at the back of with a view to maintain him immobilized. Because the others rush towards him, nevertheless, Doflamingo stabs all of them with sheets of string. Viola watches this as she runs by way of the town, and Doflamingo's brutality visibly stuns her. In the meantime, a large crowd forms in the center of town, but Rebecca tells the residents to go for the palace when you consider that the core of the Birdcage is relocating in that course. The residents comply, but Rebecca is aware of that as long as Doflamingo remains alive, the efforts to discontinue the Birdcage could also be in useless. Deciding on up a sword left with the aid of one of the crucial fallen gladiators, she decides to confront Doflamingo herself and try to bring an finish to the cage. However, she sees Viola confronting Doflamingo, and Viola asks Rebecca why she came. She tells her niece that she might now not face Kyros or Scarlett if Rebecca used to be killed and says that as a former officer of the Donquixote Pirates it used to be her responsibility to deliver Doflamingo down. Viola casts off her cape and hairpins as she brandishes a knife and prepares to interact in a combat to the loss of life. She rushes at Doflamingo, however the Shichibukai simply dodges her stabs and kicks earlier than kicking her to the bottom. On the SMILE manufacturing unit, Franky and the dwarves continue pushing on it, while local, Zoro, kin'emon, and Kanjuro hold pushing the Birdcage with their swords. Zoro thinks that it is slowing down, which Kanjuro at the beginning agrees with, but the samurai speedily changes his mind. Immediately, Fujitora walks ahead, shocking Zoro, and the admiral unsheathes his sword. Zoro thinks he is about to assault, however Fujitora as a substitute clashes his sword in opposition to the Birdcage, pronouncing he would do what little he might to support. A procession of Marines then arrives, with those who might use Haki joining Fujitora and the ones who would no longer joining Franky and the dwarves at the factory. As the Marines help push the manufacturing facility, regional residents are inspired to push it as well, and more residents support the gladiators push Bartolomeo's barrier on the other part of the island. Kyros remembers telling Rebecca to advisor the citizens. Ultimately, their sizeable effort factors the cage to briefly come to a standstill. Nonetheless, it swiftly begins relocating once more, they usually resume pushing, however now have hope that it may be stopped. Riku Dold III and Tank Lepanto join the trouble at the SMILE manufacturing unit, with the former king praising the residents' efforts. Viola stands up and attacks Doflamingo with whale-formed tears, but Doflamingo without difficulty blocks the attack and grabs her by means of the wrist. He knocks her to the ground, pronouncing he would have no mercy although she used to be once in his crew for the reason that he does no longer tolerate betrayal. Doflamingo immobilizes Viola with strings and hauls her upward before turning his awareness to Rebecca and taking control of her as well. Rebecca grows increasingly fearful as Doflamingo strikes her toward them against her will, forcing her to brandish her sword with the intention of attacking Viola. In the meantime, the Birdcage begins slicing up the King's Plateau, and as Gatz climbs up a cliff he wonders how much time Luffy desires earlier than he regains his Haki. It is revealed that Luffy will regain his Haki in 60 seconds, which is when the Birdcage will entirely close.
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The citizens of Dressrosa are bewildered when their injuries are healed, however only care about getting far from the shrinking Birdcage. Immediately, Hack and Usopp appear above them on a bit of rubble, and the residents are stunned to look Usopp, questioning what he did to... more..


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